Love That Lasts - Jefferson Bethke & Alyssa Bethke

Love That Lasts

By Jefferson Bethke & Alyssa Bethke

  • Release Date: 2017-10-10
  • Genre: Christianity
Score: 5
From 62 Ratings


In Love That Lasts, New York Times bestselling author of Jesus > Religion Jefferson Bethke and his wife, Alyssa, expose the distorted views of love that permeate our culture and damage our hearts, minds, and souls.

Drawing from Jeff’s “prodigal son” personal history and from Alyssa’s “True Love Waits” experience, the Bethkes point to a third and better way. Blending personal storytelling with biblical teaching, they offer readers an inspiring, realistic vision of love, dating, marriage, and sex.

Young people today enter adulthood with expectations of blissful dating followed by a romantic, fulfilling marriage only to discover they’ve been duped. They learned about love and sexuality from social media, their friends, Disney fairy tales, pornography, or even their own rocky past, and they have no idea what healthy, lifelong love is supposed to be like. The results are often disastrous, with this generation becoming one of the most relationally sick, sexually addicted, and divorce ridden in history.

Looking to God’s design while drawing lessons from their own successes and failures, the Bethkes explode the fictions and falsehoods of our current moment. One by one, they peel back lies such as,
the belief that every person has only one soul mate,that marriage will complete you,and that pornography and hook-ups are harmless.


  • Awesome book

    By VanyBunny
    It is wisdom packed, and gracefully written. It features values and concepts related to love and relationship, and the authors story is told in a way that is straightforward and so honest and real, everyone can relate somehow. From the stories, to how they split the chapters, to the topics, and even the language used, everything is so captivating. To be honest, I cried while reading the introduction lol I also laughed out loud a few times throughout my reading. Yes, it's that good. I got hooked and binged read the entire book. No shame here :) It's interesting to read how the authors expose their own hurts and baggage, and delightful to find out how they turn to God for healing and redemption. By the end of the book I got left with a feeling of hope and encouragement, understanding God's Love for me, and His plans for my relationships. I wish I had read this book before I started dating. It would have saved me a lot of tears. I'm glad and blessed to have received an advanced readers copy from the publisher though.
  • Can’t stop reading over and over again

    By Wilneth
    The book from the beginning is so good. Seriously so good. I just bought it yesterday evening and I’m almost finishing it up this morning. It kept me on the edge of my seat every single page. There were not one page I did not like or did not agree with. I bought this book just when I needed it the most. Now I know that I never was alone. Thank you Jeff and Alyssa for sharing your imperfect love which is perfect. So excited for the next book!!! Please never stop writing!
  • Amazing book, Awesome couple, Outstanding message, Raw honesty.

    By Cheferin33
    This book is amazing. The book gives advice in a more subtle storytelling way. Through the story of Jeff and Alyssa's relationship and experiences you learn some very Godly advice. The authors are very relatable, hilarious and open, that makes reading the book even that more enjoyable. This book is about dating, engagement, marriage, and sex. Even if you aren't in that period of your life it holds good advice on what is to come. Jeff and Alyssa are so open and vulnerable about their stories that it leads you to open up to yourself about where your heart is. This book is a must read for everyone. No matter if you are single, dating, engaged, newly married, or married for years I feel like there is advice in this book for anyone and everyone. "I received an Advance Reader Copy from the publisher."
  • Must read!!

    By Runnels0203
    This book is an amazing book. I was able to relate to so much of what both authors wrote. The authors are a married couple who put their raw vulnerability out there. I definitely recommend this to anyone and everyone. It is more than worth the money. I was lucky and blessed to receive an advance copy of this book!
  • Amazing Book For Couples

    By Kpcooke
    Amazing book for couples. Jeff and Alyssa are so transparent and this makes it even more relatable. Highly recommend this book!
  • A Treasure!

    By Jan.vibin
    A book to treasure for generations. Jeff & Alyssa are so authentic & candid about their lives before & after marriage and tell us how God is the author of their lives. Beautiful book! Love it! Few of my favorite quotes from the book. "If you want to know what love looks like, look to Jesus". "Marriage is crazy good, crazy hard and crazy fun".
  • So stoked!

    By iamevanford
    My wife and I love Jeff and Alyssa's books and the way that their writing aligns with scripture. Even though this book isn't out yet I can already tell it's going to be one of our favorites!
  • Read It!

    By lvaillant
    I was blessed to receive an advanced reader copy from the publisher and I'm so thankful I did. I love this book! I'm getting ready to read it a second time. I'm excited to start the Love That Last Experience with my husband since reading this book. Jeff and Alyssa are so real and honest about waiting and dating and marriage and everything in between. They speak truth about how ultimately your relationship is about the Lord and serving him together. As a woman and a mother I believe everyone should read this book. Men, women, pre-teens through adulthood. From a personal stand point I wish I had been able to read this book at 13 and 18 and again at 25. It's an easy read so if you're considering reading it just go for it. You won't regret it!
  • Marriage my Priority

    By Bethany Laskey
    Excited to get this book and keep marriage a priority in my life. Taking the time to work on my marriage will truly make a 'Love That Lasts' !
  • Amazing book!

    By emmy5855
    I was fortunate to be one of the people lucky enough to receive an advanced copy. The instant I began reading I couldn't put the book down. Throughout the book, Jeff and Alyssa are so open and honest. The authors are incredibly relatable and you will love reading the messages they have to share no matter your relationship status!